The Long Beach Chapter was originally founded by Mrs. Doris Cooper Robinson (pictured top right), and the late Mrs. Indira Hale-Tucker (pictured middle right). Mrs. Robinson resided in Long Beach as a member of the Orange County Chapter.  Recognizing that the Long Beach community was flourishing, they collectively established  the Long Beach Chapter. While the chapter flourished for many years, in the mid 1980’s the chapter dissolved. 

    In 2006, a group of sixteen dynamic women (pictured bottom right) got together with the goal of reinstating the Long Beach Chapter. We are especially thankful for the tireless efforts of Mrs. Dana Washington, who served as the Long Beach President of the newly reinstated Long Beach Chapter, and Ms. Sonia Hall, whose efforts as Regional Director were indispensable. The perseverance of this group of women was richly rewarded when on May 30, 2006, the Long Beach Chapter was re-established and recognized at the 2006 National Jack and Jill Convention in Houston, Texas. 10 years later, our chapter is healthy and thriving with 32 member mothers and looking to grow even stronger!

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